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Shandong bochen Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd

Science and Technology Industrial Company jointly established by senior experts in domestic hydraulic industry

The former Jinan Bochen Hydraulic Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in September 1999. It is a technology-based industrial company jointly established by the senior experts in the domestic hydraulic industry of the former Jinan Foundry and Forging Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of Machinery. Shandong Bochen Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new company invested by the original company to invest 30 million...

ChoiceFive reasons for bochen hydraulic

Five reasons
  • Reason 1: High cost performance

    Reason 1: High cost performance

    Steel tube hydrostatic testing machine is the main equipment of steel tube online testing, which includes five technologies of machinery, hydraulic pressure, electrical appliance, computer, hydraulic pressure, etc. it has high technology content and involves a wide range of technologies. Our company's products are completed independently from design to production and manufacturing.
  • Reason 2: Good safety

    Reason 2: Good safety

    The products of our company adopt closed frame beam structure, the pressure test pipe is closed in the frame beam, and the test tube carries out pressure test, clamping and pressure test in the center of the closed frame beam. If the pipe breaks, the high-pressure water is blocked by the closed frame beam, so the operation is very safe.
  • Reason 3: Superior performance

    Reason 3: Superior performance

    At present, the hydraulic testing machine produced by our company has high automation, high efficiency, good pressure maintaining performance and long service life of pressure maintaining valve. Our equipment is an online product that can be used for a long time, not a sample device for API audit.
  • Reason 4: Market recognition

    Reason 4: Market recognition

    After ten years of efforts, our company has maintained long-term friendly cooperation with many well-known domestic enterprises, and has been fully recognized and praised by them. Our company has produced more than 50 hydraulic testing machines. At present, the high-end hydraulic machines used in stainless steel seamless pipe industry are all our products.
  • Reason 5: Strong strength

    Reason 5: Strong strength

    The company covers an area of 45 mu, more than 12000 square meters of factory buildings, and more than 3600 square meters of supporting apartment buildings and comprehensive buildings. The company has more than 60 employees, including more than ten junior, middle and senior engineering technicians. The main technicians are from Jinan casting and Forging Machinery Research Institute of the former Ministry of machinery industry.

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